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wholesale custom perfume bottles

custom perfume bottles

The bottle itself comes in various shapes and sizes, and the bottle cap has hundreds of possible styles to choose from. Allows you to completely customize the perfume packaging according to your needs. Common capacities are 30ML, 50ML, 100ML.

As a perfume bottle manufacturer, we will provide professional design and beautiful bottle packaging for your perfume products to enhance the quality and selling point of your perfume.

glass perfume bottles

Beautiful glass perfume bottles are the selling point of your perfume. They can not only attract users, but also enhance the quality of our perfumes. We are a professional manufacturer of glass perfume bottles, and we provide you with a variety of beautifully designed glass perfume bottles.

We have a professional team having rich experience in custom perfume bottles and design perfume cap. We can undertake a variety of OEM and ODM services, including bottle customization, silk screen printing, hot stamping, decals, color spraying, electroplating and other customized services.

Perfume bottles are generally available in the common capacity is 30ML, 50ML, 100ML.  There are many kinds of decorations, such as frosting, coating, screen printing, stamping (gold, silver), pad printing, transfer printing, hand polish, glassand fire polish, Full & Partial Coating, Soft touch, Flocking; Screen printing, Hot stamping, Sandblasting, Water Transfer printing, Polishing, Metalizing, Frosting....etc. The fire polish is adapted to have a very clear & high-quality surface when its required by our clients.

Each glass perfume bottle has a different design and shape. You can print a custom logo on the bottle as needed, such as color coating, polishing, frosting, etc. The different glass perfume bottles we provide can adapt to different perfume types and scenarios, and can meet the needs of different users.

 If there is no perfume bottle you need below, please contact us and we will Provide you with customized perfume bottles.

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