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How to Choose the Ideal Bottle for DIY Perfume

Oct. 27, 2021

Perfumes are truly wonderful items that add interest to our daily lives. They may not be as important as food or medicine, but the way they affect us has a different sense of value to us. This is why many people always keep a very good old bottle of perfume in our purse or drawer.


Factors in the decline of perfume quality

The fragrances contained in perfumes will fade and change over time. Perfumes will eventually lose their aromatic qualities. However, there are several factors that usually accelerate this process.


Exposure to the air

There are countless substances in the air that can contaminate your perfume. Exposing your perfume to the surrounding air exposes it to many factors that can alter its scent.


Temperature changes

Perfumes can also be affected by fluctuations in the temperature around them. The chemical composition of a perfume is sensitive to changes in temperature. A sudden shift from cold to hot may lead to an increase in the rate of oxidation. Perfumes can best retain their fragrance properties in a consistent, cool and dry environment.



Sunlight is most beneficial to us. However, for perfumes, this can mean a very bad thing. Excessive exposure to direct sunlight can definitely affect the quality of its fragrance. This is because radiation and heat can cause fragrance breakdown.



Liquid substances naturally turn into gases. This is a process called oxidation. Depending on the ingredients and proportions used, perfumes have different rates of oxidation.

Basically, perfumes with long-lasting fragrance elements will retain their scent for a longer period of time. Some examples of these ingredients are those with woody scents such as patchouli and vetiver. These components will even improve with age. Likewise, other perfumes that use fragrance components with a higher rate of oxidation will lose their scent more quickly. Perfumes with citrus and floral components are good examples of this.

Round spray perfume bottle


Qualities to look for when choosing a bottle

Now, we know all the potential enemies of a perfume. This means we are ready to determine the qualities to look for when choosing our perfume bottles.

You have probably seen many stunning perfume bottle designs in person. They come in many exquisite shapes, colors and sizes. However, perfume bottles are more than just looks. The containers require a great deal of custodial properties to effectively maintain the top quality of your perfume.


Sealing caps

We all know that exposure to air affects perfume. Your perfume can become contaminated and may oxidize quickly. That's why it's important to make sure your bottle cap is sealed.

Poor quality caps can also allow the contents to drip off and go to waste.

To minimize the exposure of your perfume to the air, avoid opening the cap too often. Try to resist the temptation of unwanted scents. You should also try to observe if the contents ooze out between the cap and the rim of the container.


Ban plastic containers

We all know the environmental problems caused by the excessive use of plastic. But more importantly, there are very valid reasons why we do not recommend plastic containers for perfumes.

Perfumes often contain some very concentrated ingredients that can pass through plastic overtime. In addition, plastics have poorer adsorption qualities compared to glass. This means that they cannot hold liquids on their surface as effectively as glass can. This is why plastic containers may retain the odor or texture of the items you put in them even after you have cleaned them many times.

Use only glass containers that are easy to clean and reusable for perfumes. This is a very simple and practical way to be environmentally friendly.


UV glass instead of clear or amber bottles

Glass containers offer excellent protection against gaseous and solid contaminants. That's true. However, there is another element that cannot penetrate them: sunlight.

Exposing your perfumes to sunlight can cause their fragrance to break down. The heat of the sun also reduces their quality. Apparently, sunlight can easily pass through clear glass, even amber bottles.

Our recommendation? UV glass bottles. UV glass is an innovative type of container material used to preserve various contents. It blocks the passage of harmful visible light. At the same time, it allows beneficial ultraviolet and infrared rays to enter its contents.


High quality glass

There are countless domestic and foreign glass producers. The quality of the glass used for jars and bottles is certainly diverse as well.

Always make sure to inspect the interior and exterior surfaces of the container. Try to see if there are any cracks or defects in the glass. You should also have a good feel for the weight to size ratio of the container. In general, bottles that feel denser and more compact should be more reliable.