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essential oil roller bottles

We have a large number of essential oil roller bottles (also called roller bottles) to choose from, and we are constantly adding more essential oil roller bottles to our selection.

roll on bottles are fantastic for making your own perfume and body oils. The high-quality roller bottles used for essential oil come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. The most common essential oil roller bottles are 10 mL pure color glass essential oil roller bottles with stainless steel roller ball or glass roller ball or plastic roller ball.

essential oil roller bottles

Usually, these are filled with mixed essential oils and fractionated coconut oil (or other carrier oils), which can be applied topically on the skin. The roller ball housing (tip) can be removed so that you can refill essential oil roller bottles.

essential oil roller bottles parts

roller ball

Essential oil roller ball is divided into three basic types: plastic roller ball, glass roller ball, stainless steel roller ball.

Although they all perform the same function of applying essential oils to your skin, they each have a different level of quality.

Plastic Roller ball is the cheapest option, with the lowest quality.

In terms of cost and quality, the glass Roller ball is in the middle position. We recommend at least using glass for your Roller ball. We feel the same for glass roller balls as we feel for plastic rollers, and the lowest cost savings of these roller balls are not enough to guarantee this path.

The stainless steel Roller ball is at the top of the list. Over time, they can be maintained well and maintain consistent quality for continuous applications. The cost is not significantly higher than the glass Roller ball or the plastic Roller ball, but the quality is much better

roller ball of essential oil roller bottles

roller ball housing fitments

The roller ball housing fitments are firm where the actual roller ball is located, and then inserted into the neck of the bottle. The tight fit between the roller ball housing fitments and the Roller ball will ensure that there is no leakage, while providing enough space for the Roller ball to slide smoothly to ensure consistent application.

The holes in the bottom of the roller ball housing fitments allow oil to pass from the bottle to the roller ball. The size of the hole will determine a higher flow or a lower flow.

When buying roller bottles, there is no real good way to distinguish one housing fitments from another housing fitments, but this is the most critical part.

roller ball housing fitments of essential oil roller bottles

roller bottles

Roller bottles are mostly cylindrical bottles, and amber roller bottles are the safest choice

The most common types of essential oil roller bottles are:

Matte essential oil glass roller bottles will give them a matte appearance. Although these are very beautiful essential oil roller bottles, one thing to remember is that it is difficult to accurately determine the amount of liquid remaining in the essential oil roller bottles.

Gradient glass roller bottles will merge two similar colors together (gradient color). These are very attractive glass roller bottles that still allow you to see the amount of liquid remaining in the bottle.

Solid glass roller bottles are the most common (amber glass is the most popular and common). They are just a color, just like blue glass. Therefore, they are the most economical choice.

roller bottles of essential oil roller bottles

At the same time, glass roller bottles are available in various sizes (3ml, 5ml, 8ml, 10ml, 15ml and 30ml), but there are two sizes that make up most of the commonly used sizes-5ml essential oil roller bottles and 10ml Essential oil roller bottles are the most popular, and 10 ml essential oil roller bottles are the best of the two.

Roller bottle caps

Roller bottle caps come in many different colors and materials. Roller bottle caps are 100% decorative and have no functional value.

essential oil roller bottles faq

How to open your essential oil roller bottles

To open the roller bottle, you need to remove the outer shell from the bottle.

Sometimes, just pull the shell away from the bottle and the shell will fall off.

Most will have a very firm fit in the roller bottle, so this may not prove to you (also depending on how tight your grip is on the shell).

If you can't simply pull down the case, you can use the bottle "key".

It has an area where you can insert it into the bottom of the case and eject it from the bottle.

How to clean your essential oil roller bottles

The best way to remove the label is to soak the bottle in warm soapy water.

To remove the remaining oil inside the bottle, you need to use special denatured alcohol

How to apply essential oil with essential oil roller bottles

Applying oil with roller bottles is as easy as 1-2-3.

Simply tilt the bottle at least 45 degrees and apply to the skin area you want to blend.

Be sure to follow any safety precautions, depending on the oil you use in the mixture.

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