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What is a lotion bottle?

The lotion bottle is a vacuum bottle used to hold lotion. In order to improve the shelf life of the lotion product, a vacuum bottle is often used. The lotion bottle basically adopts the form of pump head extrusion.

lotion bottles wholesale

Plastic lotion bottles are mainly used for packaging and distributing skin care products such as lotions and lotions. Our wholesale lotion bottles and empty lotion bottles can also be used for shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and other toiletries or washing products. It can also pack detergents, hand sanitizers, etc. ATO is one of lotion bottles suppliers, we provide decorative shampoo containers, shower gel bottles, decorative plastic pump bottles and various other empty lotion bottles. The series of plastic lotion bottles are available in a variety of shapes, including cylindrical lotion bottles, narrow-waist lotion bottles, square lotion bottles and oval lotion bottles.

Lotion bottle manufacturer

As a lotion bottle manufacturer, Aquiman Top packaging manufacturer Co., Ltd., professional manufacturer of packaging was established on June 9th, 2008. Our products include bottle manufacturing for various cosmetics, which can not only improve the quality of your lotion, but also It can also add highlights to your sales.

Lotion bottle export

Our lotion bottles are distributed to the United States, Britain, India, France, Spain, Germany, Canada, South Korea, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Netherlands and other countries.

If you have stock of cheap lotion bottles or any kind of plastic bottles, you can contact us for information.

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