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Essential Oil Bottle

The essential oil business is now getting better and better. We provide a large inventory of glass containers suitable for holding essential oils.

Due to the nature of essential oils, choosing the right container is essential to prevent packaging deterioration and product loss. Glass is the container of choice for most oil products, but some products can also be safely stored in high-quality plastic containers. Dark glass bottles such as amber or cobalt blue can protect the aroma and healing properties of essential oils by blocking light, thereby extending the shelf life. Most aromatherapy requires plastic containers, but more essential oil products can be stored in glass containers

Popular essential oil bottle styles-including small glass bottles and wide-mouth rounds-are available in a variety of colors, which can protect your essential oils and protect them from UV rays. You can also choose from a variety of neck sizes and bottle sizes to meet your manufacturing needs.

What is an essential oil bottle?

Glass is impermeable, so it will not absorb odors or oils. Using amber glass essential oil bottle to package essential oils or essential oils, we can wholesale essential oil supplies, including glass bottles, vials, containers and other small glass containers. The usual sizes are 10ml, 15ml, 30ml, 60ml, 120ml, etc. 

Essential oil bottle featurer

Bottle Cap

The oil bottle with threaded mouth is compatible with a variety of bottle caps and bottle caps. Use dropper bottles, such as Boston round bottles with dropper caps, for product measurement applications. For body sprays containing diluted essential oils, a glass bottle with a fine mist sprayer works well. Rich in thick oils, such as beauty or hair care products, it is better to use with a care pump. The PP nut provides a basic airtight seal to keep your product effective. Dropper, fine mist, European dropper, ball and disposal pump are traditionally used in combination with snap or screw top plastic caps to help protect and dispense bottle contents.


Essential oils are usually sold in small bottles because most people do not need to use them in large amounts. Common sizes include: 5ml, 10ml (accommodating 1/3 ounce), 15ml (accommodating 1/2 ounce) and 30 ml (accommodating 1 ounce). Rare or expensive essential oils are usually sold in smaller bottles, while those that are easier to find are available in different-sized bottles. The oil sample size is also very popular, they can store 25-40 drops in it. They are 5/8 inches wide and only 1.5 inches high, so they are very small and ideal for distributing samples to potential buyers.


Most bottles have an amber finish, which reduces the appearance of oil stains and makes the bottle easy to identify by label. Transparent bottles can also be used, but they are not as popular as essential oils, especially those made of plastic. Other color containers include: blue, green and purple. Packaging essential oils or aromatherapy oils in amber glass bottles can also help protect the product from harmful UV rays. Ultraviolet rays can affect the structural composition of the product. Using amber or blue bottles can help reduce the effects of ultraviolet rays.


Undiluted essential oils should not be stored in plastic containers. The reason for this is because the oil will break down the plastic and cause holes or leaks, which can damage the product. The only exception is the use of high-grade plastics and the addition of carrier oils, as they can resist the decomposition of the oil for several months. Glass is more expensive than plastic, but it is best for undiluted essential oils. In addition to being able to contain oil without risk of decomposition, glass can also resist stains from colored oils.


The most common essential oil bottle is an amber glass bottle with a small hole on the top. They are usually sold in 0.5 ounce containers, so they contain enough liquid for many different purposes. Another popular choice is a 0.5 oz glass amber bottle with a dropper top. These allow the user to draw liquid into the dropper and manually push out as many oil droplets as needed, which provides more control than some other types of bottles. The glass bottle is non-porous, durable and does not leach chemicals. Glass is impermeable, so it will not absorb odors or oils.


These containers can be used to hold undiluted or diluted essential oils, as well as other liquid cosmetics. They are also perfect for storing a small amount of perfume that you can easily carry around.

Essential oil bottle manufacturer

As an essential oil bottle manufacturer, we can customize size and logo essential oil bottles of various capacities for you. If you need customized essential oil bottles, please contact us.

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