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Use of lotion pump

When the user presses the standard lotion pump, the product is dispensed upward through the dip tube. After spreading, the remaining space in the container is replaced by the air returning to the interior through the top.

As the product level in the container slowly drops, the air contained in it increases. Over time, exposure to such air may degrade and oxidize the product, causing it to lose its effectiveness and efficacy.

Another difference between lotion pumps is that their thread form tends to be more versatile. This allows them to be used and shared between various different containers. In contrast, airless pumps are usually sold with a dedicated base or bottle

Advantages of airless pumps

Reduce the use of preservatives

Fast and flexible use

Longer shelf life

Sensitive product protection

As a lotion pump bottle manufacturer, we produce lotion airless bottles, etc., and can provide you with customized services of different sizes and colors.

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