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Cylindrical Spray Perfume Bottle

Cylindrical spray perfume bottle Features: 

Cap color, bottle colors are customized

Stylish cylindrical glass bottle body

The spray is very fine

Cylindrical spray perfume bottle Application: 

Perfume cosmetic packaging

Deodorant cosmetic packaging

Toner cosmetic packaging

   10ml 30ml 50ml Clear Cylindrical Spray Perfume Bottle

CapacitySpecificationSpecification with capPrinting specificationWeightWith cap

height of Cylindrical Spray Perfume Bottle

Thickened bottom and plastic head of Cylindrical Spray Perfume Bottle

Details of cylindrical spray perfume bottle

Brand Name: A-top-pack

Product name: Cylindrical spray perfume bottle

Size: 10ml cylindrical spray perfume bottle

Base Material: glass

Collar Material: glass


Cap color:Silver,gold,black

Usage: Deodorant/perfume/toner/cosmetic packaging

Shape: Cylindrical

Packing: Carton+Pallet

Supply Ability:1000000000 Piece/Pieces per Week

Packaging & Delivery 

Port: Guangzhou port/Qingdao port/shanghai port/Tianjin port

Packing: Carton+Pallet or customized by the customer


Quality: Guaranteed glass quality with strict inspection

OEM/ODM: We can customize the glass bottle/jar according to your design 

Customized logo: Silk screen printing, hot stamping, labeling, frosting, spraying color, Electroplating

As a manufacturer of perfume bottles, we can answer any questions you may have about perfume bottles:.

1. Material of perfume bottles: glass bottles can keep and protect perfume in the best condition when it reaches the consumer. So usually perfume bottles are made of glass, and the manufacture of perfume (and other glass bottles) begins with melting the raw material, then making an ice ball at a very high temperature, and then making the bottle shape. When the glass cools, it will keep the shape of the perfume bottle, ready to be filled and sealed.

2. Perfume bottle size: most people use a 10ml 30ml 50ml perfume bottle

A 10ml perfume bottle contains 10ml of liquid inside, a 30ml perfume bottle contains 30ml of liquid inside, and a 50ml perfume bottle contains 50ml of liquid inside The external size of the bottle depends on the design of the perfume bottle.

3. The role of perfume bottles

The fragrance in a perfume bottle is a liquid. To release the spray, you need to press the top of the spray bottle or the trigger. Pressing the trigger draws the liquid perfume upwards through the tube and then disperses it as a mist through the atomizer of the spray bottle.

4. How to open the perfume bottle

Perfumes in bottles with screw caps can be refilled by opening the cap and putting in more perfume. Perfume bottles with rolled-edge closures may require the use of tools to remove the atomizer spray, but perfume manufacturers making more sustainable products now choose to recycle the glass and unscrewable pump to allow refilling of the bottle.

5. How long perfume bottles can be kept in the bottle

Many perfumes do not have a fixed shelf life and can last from 1-10 years. However, three to five years is usually the average shelf life of a perfume. According to experts, perfumes with heavier base notes will last the longest.