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Why is Glass Jars Popular?

Jan. 18, 2021

As an Essential Oil Roller Bottles Wholesale, share it with everyone. For many food, cosmetics and other products, jar packaging is an important packaging container. In recent years, plastic polyester bottle packaging has become more popular in the market.

However, cosmetic glass jars are still very popular in the market. Let's start with the list of uses for glass jars.

First, glass jars are used to package solid foods such as candies, dried fruits and cream cosmetics, as well as product display packaging, which is more common on the counter.

Secondly, cream glass jars, including face creams, eye creams, etc., require the use of bottle stools.

Finally, glass jars are also used for various home-brewed wines.

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So why are glass jars popular?

The first reason is that glass jars look more upscale and more textured.

The second reason is that the glass jar material is more stable and reliable. For cosmetics to be stored for a long time, the materials need to be stable and not easy to react with the contents. Other packaging, such as plastic, obviously has a certain gap with glass jars in terms of material stability and safety.

Generally speaking, glass jars have advantages over plastic jars.

As a form of glass container, glass jar has the characteristics of large capacity, large caliber, and easy to load some food/cosmetics.

In recent years, cosmetics have been popular all over the country, which makes the market demand for glass jars grow rapidly.

But if you are a buyer, you will find that the wholesale prices of glass jars on the market vary greatly. So, what is the reason for the large price difference in the wholesale market of glass jars?

First of all, the larger the capacity of the glass jar, the higher the price, which cannot be compared with the capacity of two different sizes of glass jars.

Secondly, the thicker the cosmetic glass jar, the thicker the quality means the thicker and more durable.

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