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Do you Know the Comparison Between Lotion Bottle and Spray Bottle?

Jul. 30, 2021

The lotion bottle is a bottle used for the packaging of cosmetic lotion. The packaging design of the lotion bottle should pay attention to the choice of material. The choice of material needs to be considered first; secondly, the positioning of the lotion bottle packaging, the design positioning, and the choice of product positioning need to be considered in the design process; in addition, the lotion bottle The design should take the path of differentiation. Lotion bottle packaging is a very important classification in cosmetic packaging. A good lotion bottle packaging must at least meet several points: one is to be easy to squeeze and pour out, because the emulsion is thick and not easy to pour out; the other is that the lotion bottle package needs to be beautiful Texture, this is the overall trend of the entire cosmetic packaging; third, the packaging design of the lotion bottle is also crucial. As a Lotion Bottle Manufacturers, share with you.

Lotion Bottle

Lotion Bottle

In terms of appearance, the lotion bottle and the spray bottle are very similar. Therefore, many people will confuse the lotion bottle with the spray bottle and think that they are the same. Let's talk about the difference between lotion bottle and spray bottle, and what is the difference between them in terms of function and appearance.

Comparison of lotion bottle and spray bottle:

First of all, the spray bottle is sealed with a spray head, and the sprayed liquid can be evenly sprayed on the human skin, so the sprayed product is a liquid such as toner. Emulsion cosmetics have a certain viscosity, which makes it impossible to spray this type of cosmetics through the nozzle. Therefore, the emulsion bottles are basically squeezed by the pump head. This is a big difference in the structure of the two. Secondly, lotion bottles often require a vacuum on the bottle body to improve the shelf life of lotion products, while spray bottles are relatively less demanding on the bottle body. In addition, the price of the lotion bottle packaging is generally higher than that of the spray bottle, because the cost of the pump head is often higher than that of the spray head. Regardless of the form of packaging, one purpose is to better protect the cosmetics, and the other is to make the product more effective in use. Our company also sells Lotion Bottle, welcome to contact us.