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Why are High-End Cosmetics Packaged In Glass Bottles?

May. 31, 2021

As an Essential Oil Bottle Supplier, share with you. As far as many cosmetics are concerned, most of their packaging materials are cosmetic glass bottles. It can be said that cosmetic glass bottles have irreplaceable advantages in the field of cosmetic packaging. Glass bottles are undoubtedly the best packaging materials for high-end cosmetics. So why do you say that? Why choose glass bottles as packaging materials for high-end cosmetics?

Essential Oil Bottles

Essential Oil Bottles

The main reasons are as follows:

1. Because the glass bottle has thorough purity and elegant appeal. At the same time, it also has a heavy feeling, which makes people feel that the grade of cosmetics has been improved and brings a sense of trust. These are plastic bottles. It can be said that plastic bottles are not only expensive, but also far inferior to glass bottles. It is worth mentioning that the glass bottle has superior three-dimensional decoration function, which greatly enriches the packaging effect of cosmetics and improves the grade of cosmetics.

2. The cosmetic bottle series are chemicals, especially whitening and nutrition cosmetics. Although they contain a lot of nutrients, these nutrients are easily oxidized, because the packaging of cosmetics requires good airtightness, and the airtightness of glass bottles is better than other packaging materials. Good airtightness, strong barrier properties, and will not react with cosmetics. Therefore, cosmetic glass bottles are undoubtedly an ideal choice as a packaging material for high-end cosmetics.

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