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How Do Essential Oil Bottles Clean?

Apr. 27, 2021

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Essential Oil Bottle

Essential Oil Bottle

How to clean the essential oil bottle, what is the cleaning process? Many special tools for essential oil bottles must be cleaned up. It is very inconvenient to clean up if some items will be changed, and it has always been cleaned. It has always been washed, and it is more difficult to wash, and there is no way to clean up. So how do you really go to clean up, look at the skill process below:

1. After people's unilateral essential oils are used, the pad paper with good water absorption is in the bottle, let the glass bottle set up to put it up, probably two4 hours. The remaining oil is also dropped down.

2.Then sandwiched with the medicine tweezers to clean the inside of the glass bottle once, then rubbed once with wiping paper, similar to the surface of the surface can be wiped down.

3.Use detergent to the drainage, then insert into the glass bottle, cover the bottle cover and then shake, then place it for about 15 minutes, throw it away, then put water, then repeated 3 times, use drinking water to clean up.

4.Finally wiped the inner wall of the glass bottle with handkerchief, open the bottle plug in the dialog box or the air circulation area is ventilated. You can blow it with your hair dryer. .

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