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Tigger spray cap

Trigger sprayers Features:  

High-quality PET PP material

Black, white, clear color can be chosen

Tightly sealed

Trigger spray cap Application: 

Spraying disinfection packaging bottle

Kitchen cleaning packaging bottle

Garden watering packaging bottle

                                     Trigger sprayers

NeckBox DimensionQuantity in one boxGross WeightNet Weight
28/400,28/410,28/415570x330x370500 pcs10.5KG10KG

trigger sprayers

Tigger spray cap

trigger sprayers

Trigger sprayers are usually made of polypropylene (PP) plastic and can be used for general purposes (water, cleaning solutions) or chemicals. Trigger sprayers are available in a variety of colors and can be used to identify different products in the bottle. The nozzle can be adjusted to produce a fine spray or jet for dispensing liquid.

Principle of trigger sprayers

The principle of trigger sprayers is a small engine with a piston in the cylinder, pumping liquid through the dip tube in the cylinder, and using the pressure generated by the squeezing handle to force the liquid through the nozzle base into the nozzle itself. Trigger sprayers can spray fine mist, spray or jet, and through special inserts, it can also spray foam. Trigger sprayers consist of multiple injection molded parts assembled on a special fully automatic assembly machine.

trigger sprayers function

Two functions: direct compression trigger sprayers and pre-compression trigger sprayers.

Direct compression: The liquid flows directly from the dip tube in the cylinder, through the squeeze handle, and through the nozzle base through the nozzle itself. This function is suitable for most simple liquids, such as surface cleaners, deicers, etc.

Pre-compression: The advantage of this function is that it can fully eject the trigger without dropping liquid or forming any large droplets, because a special valve is inserted in the chamber of the trigger.

trigger sprayers application

Plastic trigger sprayers are suitable for cleaning and disinfecting target surface areas or objects. Trigger sprayers are available in a variety of colors for you to color-code the product for easy identification when refilling the bottle with diluted solution and storing. Trigger sprayers provide spray, flow and mist options. The most common use of trigger sprayers is to package household cleaning products. The trigger cover also provides an on/off closure device to help reduce spills and leaks. Although trigger sprayers are suitable for specific health and beauty liquids, manufacturers of beauty products generally prefer sprayers for items such as sprayers and perfumes.

trigger sprayers use

Using spray bottles with comfortable trigger sprayers can help reduce hand fatigue caused by manual pumping. PP foam trigger sprayers with comfortable handles are suitable for various disinfectants, foam cleaners and disinfectants. High-output trigger sprayers are equipped with easy-to-squeeze triggers, and some allow upside-down use for 360-degree spraying. Being able to manipulate the bottle 360 degrees reduces the rigidity of keeping the bottle in one position or awkward position for a long time. In addition, pairing the lightweight trigger caps of trigger sprayers with plastic bottles can make the product easier for consumers to carry.

trigger sprayers Details

  • Brand Name: A-top-pack

  • Product name: Trigger spray cap

  • Size: 28/400,28/410,28/415 trigger spray cap

  • Base Material: PET PP

  • Usage: Pharmaceutical/Spraying disinfection/Kitchen cleaning/Garden watering packaging bottle

  • Packing: Carton+Pallet

  • Color: Black, white, clear

  • Sprayer color: Black, red, orange, blue, etc

  • Supply Ability:1000000000 Piece/Pieces per Week

Packaging & Delivery 
  • Port: Guangzhou port/Qingdao port/shanghai port/Tianjin port

  • Packing: Carton+Pallet or customized by the customer

  • Quality: Guaranteed glass quality with strict inspection

  • OEM/ODM: We can customize the glass bottle/jar according to your design 

  • Customized logo: Silk screen printing, hot stamping, labeling, frosting, spraying color, Electroplating